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Zahrat Al Khaleej - Basant Shawky and Mohamed Farraj in their first appearance after their wedding

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Basant Shawky and Mohamed Farraj in their first appearance after their wedding

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The pioneers of social networking sites shared a group of recent photos of the Egyptian artist Basant Shawky, accompanied by her husband, the artist Mohamed Farraj, in their first appearance together after celebrating their wedding nearly two weeks ago, to catch the attention of their audience through “Social Media”.

Basant Shawky appeared in the photos she posted on her Instagram account, wearing a simple white dress, while her husband appeared in a classic gray suit.

This was on the sidelines of their participation in the enigma magazine party, which was held in a hotel in Cairo.

The appearance of the duo came as a surprise to their fans, especially as some expected that they are now spending their honeymoon on one of the international islands, which they both denied, because of their temporary association with works of art, stressing that once the filming is over, they will go on an enjoyable vacation, they said.

And the Egyptian artist, Basant Shawky, had previously published a set of romantic photos and videos that the audience did not see, and showed them for the first time from her wedding to the artist Mohamed Farraj, on her page on “Instagram”.

And she and her husband appeared together with romantic moments behind the scenes of their wedding day, in addition to other clips of some artists, dancing in a way full of love and joy, and commented: “What is the age other than a night … like tonight.”

Muhammad Farraj also published, on his Facebook account, a video of his wedding, in which he appeared to accompany his wife on the “bike”, in the manner of the artist Abdel Halim Hafez and Shadia, from the movie “The Idol of the Masses”, to the tune of the same song.

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