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Zahrat Al Khaleej – Beren Saat in a dress that this Arab star wore before her

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In an attempt to coordinate between them, the famous Turkish couple: actress Beren Sat and singer Kenan Doglo, chose the color fuchsia to attend the “Netflix” concert, which was held in Turkey yesterday, a look that met with a lot of ridicule, and was described as strange.

In the details, the Turkish singer wore a fuchsia hoodie, under a leather jacket in the same color, and matching shoes, with black pants, in an attempt to coordinate between him and his wife, who also chose a complete look in fuchsia, as she wore a wide dress in the form of “Sweater Dress”. , of satin embroidered with beads, beadwork and shiny pink stones from the Italian luxury fashion house “Valentino”, while she completed her look with thick socks and “platform” shoes in the same color.

Despite the strangeness of Kenan Doglo’s appearance, Beren’s look was not unfamiliar, as many stars had previously worn it before her, including the Lebanese star Zina Makki, where she starred in the same dress about 3 weeks ago, as she appeared in fuchsia in a special photo session, she shared pictures of her through her account in Instagram. She was also featured by the international model of Palestinian origin, Gigi Hadid, during her appearance on the red carpet.

And that’s not all, South Korean star Ahn Hye Jin, better known by her stage name “Hwasa”, has previously appeared in the same look while walking the red carpet.

The thing in common between “Hawasa”, Gigi and Zina is that the three chose to coordinate a fuchsia bag with the dress, while Beren Saat did not carry a bag with her when she appeared at the party.

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In another context, the Turkish star answered a question about her return to work with her co-star Kivanc Tatlitug, 12 years after their first work “Forbidden Love”, saying: “Kivanc and I are older now, and we both have matured, of course… So we played our roles in a more mature way, We were very comfortable because we know each other so well and we are used to behaving with each other.”

It is known that Beren Sat and Kivanc Tatlitug have recently finished filming the movie “The Last Call to Istanbul” for the Netflix platform, which was filmed between New York and Turkey, and it has not yet been revealed when it will be shown.

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