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Zahrat Al-Khaleej - Burak Deniz publishes a letter of apology to actress Nilberry Shaheen Kaya.. What did he say?

Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Burak Deniz publishes a letter of apology to actress Nilberry Shaheen Kaya.. What did he say?

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Less than a week after the great crisis caused by the Turkish actor Burak Deniz to his colleague, actress Nilberi Şahin Kaya, the former apologized to the latter, in order to solve the problem between them.
And the Turkish star issued a lengthy statement, which he published via the “Story” feature on his account on “Instagram”, saying at the beginning: “I would like to present this statement on the topic that occupied the public last Friday, and caused the spread of many allegations.”

In his statement, the famous Turkish actor added that he first wanted to express his regret for the incident, which he lived with Nilberi, her lover Emre Yousefi, and her friend Deniz Akıncı, in the hotel where they were attending the Adana Film Festival, which led to their unintended harm.
The Turkish star justified his act, that he wanted to joke with them, but he did not expect that he exaggerated it, noting that, the next morning, he tried to communicate with them directly, and through his business manager in order to apologize to them, but he did not succeed in that.

The “Love Doesn’t Understand Speech” star concluded his statement by offering an official and direct apology to his colleague, her lover and her friends, and all those who witnessed this unfortunate incident in a public place, and for his behavior, which is not considered a role model for society, hoping that this problem would end as soon as possible.
The roots of the crisis between Burak and Nilberry go back to last Friday, when he happened to find the duo in a hotel, and Burak harassed his colleague, who was sitting at one of the tables with her lover and friend, so that Nelberry shouted at him, and he cursed her and screamed at her in front of those present, and he entered Then Burak and Habib Nilbury in a fight.
After that incident, Emre Yousefi asked the hotel security to record the cameras, to file a complaint against the Turkish actor.

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Immediately, Burak Deniz’s management agency issued a statement, saying: “We would like to express deep regret on the part of Burak Deniz, due to the dispute between the two parties as a result of a misunderstanding, and we stress that the allegations made against the actor that he insulted and shouted at the esteemed artist do not reflect the truth.” “.
However, this statement did not prevent the Turkish actress from filing a complaint against Burak Deniz, which was confirmed by her lawyer in a statement issued by his office in this regard.

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