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Zahrat Al Khaleej - Carole Samaha highlights her daughter's talent in swimming

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Carole Samaha highlights her daughter’s talent in swimming

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The Lebanese singer, Carole Samaha, showed her young daughter’s swimming talent in front of her fans, after her visit to the North Coast in Egypt.

And Carol shared, through the “Al-Astori” feature on “Instagram”, a video clip, in which her young daughter appeared in a pool with her mother, and she was practicing swimming with skill, proficiency and high professionalism.

The Lebanese artist commented, “We are now in the northern coast of Egypt, and what is this little girl doing with you?”

In this context, Carol published pictures of her, accompanied by her husband, Egyptian businessman Walid Mostafa Hassan, at the wedding of Egyptian artist Nelly Karim.

A few days ago, Carol shared a video of her, through her account on “Instagram”, while she was doing rigorous exercises in the gym.

Carol was injured in the arm while performing one of the harsh exercises, as she lost her balance while pulling the rope, causing her to hit the wall hard, commenting: “I did not know that the rope was pulling me with this force.” And she continued, “The 20-minute workout with the fitness coach, Captain Ahmed Abdel Rahman… Sometimes we get into some minor accidents inside the gym.”

Previously, Carol reassured the audience about her artwork, which she had prepared recently, especially as she confirmed that she had received many questions about the date of her songs’ release, indicating that she wished to present her works tomorrow, but the “general mood” did not help that.

Carol, in a tweet via her Twitter account, praised the work of some stars under these difficult circumstances, noting that the artist is a human being in the first place, and she asked for an excuse from her audience, but she wanted to clarify.

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And she wrote: “For all the fans and fans who ask me every day when the new works are… I like to tell you the songs are ready, and they come out tomorrow, but unfortunately there is no (mod) and I don’t have the mod.”