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Zahrat Al-Khaleej - George Wassouf brings together these celebrities

Zahrat Al-Khaleej – George Wassouf brings together these celebrities

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In complete secrecy, the star, George Wassouf, finished filming his latest musical, “Betkalam Ali”, with director Elie Semaan, in different areas of the Lebanese capital, Beirut.
The song, which is scheduled to be released as a gift from Wassouf to his fans on the occasion of the New Year, witnesses the Syrian artist’s second collaboration with the Lebanese artist Ziad Burji, after the song “Beyhsedoni”, which was written and composed by Burji Loussef 11 years ago, and achieved great public success.

The lyrics of the song “Betakalm Ali” were written by the Egyptian poet Amir Toaima, composed by Ziad Burji, and arranged by Zaher Deeb, and Wassouf participated in filming the story of the video clip, the stars: Abed Fahd, Abdel Moneim Amairi, and Zina Makki.
Lossov’s last public appearance was last week at the opening of the “Riyadh Season” concerts, where he gathered a large party with artists Ragheb Alama and Adam.
The date of the public concert, which Wassouf was to perform in Alexandria, was also set on October 29, after the issuance of the band’s visas was disrupted, in addition to a dispute between the concert organizers, as it was decided that the new date would be Friday, November 25. Present.

Recently, Wassouf was a guest on the “Her Excellency” program, presented by the artist, Esaad Younis, stressing that his life is limited to singing for people, and that he considers the audience’s attendance at his concerts the greatest blessing he has received, indicating that people’s love for him is priceless. Wassouf added, in the interview, that all the songs he performed in his life “were coming from my heart to people, that’s why people loved them, memorized them, and chanted them.”
Wassouf admitted that his health condition bothers him, but he said that he believes in God’s will because of his illness, and despite that, he does not delay in fulfilling the wishes of the public, who demand his attendance at major concerts and festivals, stressing that he rejects the idea of ​​​​retiring completely, and that he is accustomed to his health condition, for the reason. To the audience’s great love for him, he said: “I love to go and see the audience, especially the communities in the countries of alienation.. Their love is with the arrogance of the heart, and this thing makes my heart happy and nourishes my life.”

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