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Zahrat Al Khaleej - Kazem El Saher, accompanied by Aziza Jalal, in the latest appearance

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Kazem El Saher, accompanied by Aziza Jalal, in the latest appearance

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The Iraqi artist Kazem Al-Saher met the able singer Aziza Jalal, while they were together in Saudi Arabia, and they were preparing to give a concert together.

Kazem El-Saher watched the singer Aziz Jalal during the private rehearsals of a series of concerts singing in classical Arabic.

The lenses captured the great welcome by Kazem El Saher to Aziza Jalal, and his expression of his respect and gratitude to her and for meeting her.

It is noteworthy that the Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced concerts to sing in classical Arabic, for Arab stars from different countries of the Arab world.

The concerts include: the artist Kazem El-Saher, the artist Faya Younan, and the artist Aziza Jalal, and they will be held at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in Riyadh City Boulevard, today, Thursday.

The Lebanese singer, Magda El Roumi, performed her concert at the Standard Singing Festival, and she starred in the ceremony, which witnessed a large public presence, and a great interaction from the audience on the communication sites, who also expressed their admiration for her distinctive and elegant appearance at the ceremony, in addition to her musical link at the Standard Singing Festival.

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The Standard Singing Festival witnessed several successful concerts by Arab stars, led by Arab artist Mohammed Abdo, who opened the festival, in addition to artist Lotfi Bushnak, Asala, singer Arwa Saudi, Abadi Al-Johar, Ahmed Fathi and singer Najd.

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The festival puts the Arabic language in distinct and different artistic forms, with the aim of spreading the classical in an unforgettable manner, throughout the two days of “singing in the fusha.”

The festival comes as a continuation of the Kingdom’s artistic and cultural activities spread in a number of its cities, in addition to the Riyadh season, the Jeddah season, and a number of entertainment concerts.