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Zahrat Al-Khaleej - Maya Diab eats "shrimp" alive... and is criticizedتعرض

Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Maya Diab eats “shrimp” alive… and is criticizedتعرض

#Arab famous

The Lebanese artist, Maya Diab, was subjected to sharp criticism from her fans, after she posted a video clip on her personal page on “Instagram”, while she was eating shrimp alive, in a way that angered her followers.

Diab appeared in a video clip that she posted on the “Story” of her account on “Instagram”, holding a plastic cup, through which she tries to catch the shrimp, then grabs it with her hand and puts it in her mouth, and then appears in another clip as she holds a dagger and tries to kill it in order to eat it.

She commented on the video, saying: “This is the cheapest way to eat shrimp without money. See what I am doing and believe me. This is something that calms nerves, and our relationship with the sea is a lot. What do you feel about shrimp before I eat them, minutes and they are in my stomach.”

And the Saudi fascistista, Model Rose, had previously published a video clip of eating sea snails in a way that provoked the public’s attack on her, especially since such foods are not widespread in some countries.

On the other hand, the Lebanese actress, Maya Diab, documented a video clip, through her account on the “Instagram” website, in which she shared with her followers the moment of her “painful” fall, during a show she was doing behind the scenes of her “Explore” concert.

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Apparently she was hit in the hand while she was hoverboarding; Because the ending was not happy, as she was performing her song “Ahla Kalam”, to quickly lose her balance and fall to the ground and groan heavily.

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The work team rushed towards her, and filming was stopped to save her and check on her, while Maya commented on the video, saying: “There is always something fun and painful during filming…My Explorer Party.”