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Zahrat al-Khaleej - Meìtiers d'Art.. A tribute to great civilizations and an impressive collaboration with the Louvre Museum

Zahrat al-Khaleej – Meìtiers d’Art.. A tribute to great civilizations and an impressive collaboration with the Louvre Museum

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The Persian Empire of Darius the Great, the Golden Age of Ancient Egypt, the Hellenistic period of ancient Greece, and the ascension of Augustus, the first Roman emperor.. are the historical focal points of the new “Meìtiers d’Art” series of watches from Vacheron Constantin.

As part of the brand’s partnership with the Louvre, which began in 2019, and after extensive collaboration with curators and historians, the Maison has developed a four-hour series, based on the museum’s old collections.

These masterpieces are the true symbols of each era, at the center of an exceptional watchmaking showcase, curated by skilled craftsmen.

To power the Meìtiers d’Art Tribute watches, Vacheron Constantin has selected its self-winding caliber 2460 G4/2, which features four dials indicating hours, minutes, days and dates.
The apertures for reading the time and calendar indications, positioned symmetrically around the perimeter of the dial, leave plenty of room for craftsmen to express themselves.

The “Meìtiers d’Art” collection by Vacheron Constantin is a unique opportunity to travel through time and space, thanks to the talents of the exquisite craftsmen.
It is an opportunity to discover or revisit some of the historical chapters, or the artistic and cultural symbols of our civilizations.

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