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Zahrat Al-Khaleej - Nancy Alam Al-Din reveals the influence of her Upper Egyptian origins on her character on "Ghamm Island"

Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Nancy Alam Al-Din reveals the influence of her Upper Egyptian origins on her character on “Ghamm Island”

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The young Egyptian artist, Nancy Alam El Din, succeeded in attracting the public’s attention to her as “Banora”, the wife of the governor of the island, embodied by the artist Riad Al-Khouli, in the series “Ghamm Island”, which is receiving public and critical success in the current Ramadan drama season.
Nancy said in a media interview that what attracted her to the series at the beginning, as it was written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi, in addition to the fact that the character is new to her, “I have not presented the Sa’idi color before, although my roots are Upper Egypt, which helped me in Understand the dimensions of personality and the way they speak.
Nancy added: “All the characters that I presented artistically were completely different from each other. Each character brought out something different from the other, but the character (Banoura) presented me to the audience in a completely new way, starting with her Upper Egyptian dialect and even the clothes she wears.”
Nancy pointed out that the character of “Banoura” enjoys childhood and spontaneity, because the character married an older man than her, and she is also too young for the conflicts she faces, and the upcoming episodes will witness some developments in the character.

Regarding her preparation for the series, she said: “I did two things: the first was that I traveled to the village of Qusair in the Red Sea, and there I met many people who helped me get to know the Saidi customs and traditions more, and the second is my mastery of the Saidi dialect. That corrected the tone in the series.”
And about the scenes of the work, she said: “The scenes of the work were more than wonderful, and I was very sad on the last day of filming. On the other hand, I had a good relationship with the artist, Riad Al-Khouli, and he was always trying to relieve me of pressure.” She added, “I thought a lot about relationships that are similar to the relationship (Ajami and Noura), so I started wondering if this is true or not?

Nancy said about her artistic beginnings: “I have loved entering the world of acting since university days, as I used to participate in her theater a lot, and when I received positive reactions from those around me, I decided to continue on this path, and to please my family, I worked alongside acting as something else.” She added, “In my beginning, I worked in the theater a lot, after that I participated in the series (Tales of Girls), the series (Seventh Jar), ​​and the series (Newton’s Game).”

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