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Zahrat Al-Khaleej – “Night and Relaxation” .. Hamid Al-Shaeri and Hisham Abbas unite with Akram Hosni

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The Egyptian artist, Akram Hosni, announced the release of a song titled “Al-Sahar wa Al-Bassat” this evening, Tuesday, as part of the New Year’s songs season. The song is a lyrical “trio” that he brings together with artists Hamid Al Shaeri and Hisham Abbas.
Hosni longed for the audience by publishing a “poster” of the song, before he published, late yesterday evening, Monday, a “promo teaser”, which includes playing a rhythm on the drum from the scenes of the “video clip”, ending with the word “reel”.

The song is written and composed by Mostafa Al-Assal, arranged by Hamdi Al-Shaeri, and directed by Hadi Al-Bagouri.

Al-Shaeri, who was a guest of the artist Angham on her talk show “Angham”, recently announced his support for Akram Hosni, in the context of the attack he was subjected to after he wrote and composed the song “Lely”, which was presented by the artist Mohamed Mounir with his voice, and he said: “Folkor is a disaster .. Everyone who sings it remembers it as his own, and there is no crisis in the first place, because folklore belongs to everyone and is a heritage, we are making a song not an atom in order to say a listening committee and make problems .. Why all this? He is a creative artist, and the song is the one who lives, not the artist. It is enough to destroy people.”

In another context, Akram Hosni will be absent from the upcoming Ramadan drama season, which is scheduled to start in the last week of March 2023, and he said in press statements that he did not find the work that he could present with the strength of the series “It Is Written On Him”, which he presented in the last Ramadan drama season, And he added: “Our Lord is honored with success, and the public thinks well of me, so I cannot disappoint him.
Hosni’s last public appearance was his participation in the play “So Smoke Doesn’t Fly”, which was shown as part of the “Riyadh Season” activities, and co-starred with Bayoumi Fouad, Dora, and Utaka.

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