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Zahrat Al Khaleej - Saad Abu Tayeh ignites the atmosphere of the "Dubai Millennium Theater" with folk and contemporary singing

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Saad Abu Tayeh ignites the atmosphere of the “Dubai Millennium Theater” with folk and contemporary singing

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The Jordanian artist, Saad Abu Tayeh, the owner of the resonant trumpet voice, lit the atmosphere of the Dubai Millennium Theater yesterday, in a ceremony during which he presented a wonderful selection of the most beautiful contemporary Jordanian songs, including “Dabkat” and “Dahat”, drawn from the ancient Jordanian artistic heritage.

The ceremony included the performance of a group of dance performances of several types of folk dabkeh, derived from the Jordanian artistic heritage, as well as the presentation of a variety of traditional, folkloric and developed songs. The artist, Abu Tayeh, with his band and dancers, managed to attract the audience to interact with him by singing, swaying, and performing traditional dabkes, in a festive atmosphere. amazing.

The audience had the opportunity to enjoy a dazzling bouquet of famous Jordanian and heritage songs, such as: “A’la’ Mulaytin”, “You plant roses”, and “Ya Saad if you see it”, while Abu Tayeh was masterful in diversifying the words of some of his lyrical prayers, through which he presents a greeting of love. And appreciation to the people and leadership of the United Arab Emirates, through the song “Al-Dahiya”, a song from Jordanian folklore.

The artist Abu Tayeh also restored prominent lyrical works by famous Jordanian voices, such as Omar Abdallat, after which the heritage and developed lyrical links derived from the rich Jordanian art fragrant followed. “, which prompted a large number of members of the public to participate in the performance of popular dabkes.