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Zahrat Al Khaleej - Sham Asala's daughter changes her name..and this is what she chose

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Sham Asala’s daughter changes her name..and this is what she chose

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Sham Al-Dhahabi, Asala’s daughter, surprised her followers and fans by changing her name and naming it to her mother, the Syrian artist.
And Sham resorted to changing her name on her personal account in “Instagram” from Sham Al-Dhahabi to “Sham Bint Asala Al-Dhahabi”.
Asala shared a snapshot of her daughter’s page, and expressed her happiness at changing her name, and wrote commenting on the photo: “Sham the soul of Asala .. and the light of her eyes.”

The family of the Syrian singer Asala met at the end of her concerts at the Egyptian Opera House, during her revival of the closing ceremony of the Arab Music Festival. The daughter of the Syrian singer, Asala Nasri, published pictures of her family, and Khaled Al-Dhahabi, Ali and Adam Tariq Al-Arian, and her daughter Sham, who commented on the photos, appeared in the photos, saying: “The family is not an important thing .. it is everything.”

On March 25, 2022, Sham Al-Dhahabi celebrated her wedding in a hotel in Greater Cairo, in the presence of her father, producer Ayman Al-Dhahabi, her mother, Asala Nasri, her husband, Faiq Hassan, a number of friends, and preacher Mustafa Hosni.
The acquaintance of Sham Al-Dhahabi and Ahmed Hilal came through some friends, as they had a normal common friendship before that, until Ahmed Hilal surprised everyone by requesting Sham Al-Dhahabi’s sermon, while she was preparing to go on a trip in the Nile River with her friends, where he brought a felucca full of roses, and raised posters bearing pictures of them.
On the other hand, Asala is preparing to perform a concert in Saudi Arabia, on November 24.
It is noteworthy that Asala recently released the song “Ghalban” on YouTube, and is also preparing to release the rest of her album, during the coming period.

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