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Zahrat Al Khaleej - The new Swarovski is WONDERLAB.. where magic meets science

Zahrat Al Khaleej – The new Swarovski is WONDERLAB.. where magic meets science

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On its 125th anniversary, Swarovski presents a bold new vision for the future. Swarovski has been known to sparkle the worlds of fashion, entertainment, science and design. She is also known as a constant source of inspiration in the field of culture and elegance. Swarovski’s new era begins today with a dramatic new vision. This stage begins with the unification of all parts of the “organization” under a charming and unified idea, by launching a statement, considered the boldest and most exciting in the history of the company, to the public.

“For 125 years, Swarovski has been able to renew again and again, while always staying true to its identity. We are excited to add a new chapter to this impressive success story, by focusing Swarovski’s heft into affordable luxury, and by transforming crystal into luxury. to a way of life. Robert Buchbauer (Executive Director).

Wonder Lab

“Illuminate Your Dreams” is the new slogan behind Swarovski’s Imaginary Laboratory of Wonders. This is how Giovanna Engelbert, new and first-ever Creative Director at the Swarovski Foundation envisions modern crystal as an imaginary laboratory, containing radical and innovative ideas, inviting the entire world to celebrate individuality and indulge the imagination. “The Wonder Lab is an idea, it is a fantastical place that embodies all that Swarovski stands for, and it will continue to inspire us for years to come,” Giovanna says. “The Wonder Lab is a place that combines science and attraction, where luxury mixes with luxury, it is a feeling of wonder that everyone should experience, so we invite them to our new world at Swarovski.” The new vision transcends product to new experiences, events, and store concepts around the world, through a revolutionary approach to color, size and style, which is fundamentally transforming the way Swarovski is perceived; To develop into a completely new vision for future generations.

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The first expression of Wonder Lab appeared in Giovanna Engelbert’s first collection, called Collection One.

“I wanted to explore the basic geometries of crystal and their potential as a material. Inspired by Daniel Swarovski’s early drawings, I discovered the magic in his early designs, and understood his vision and dreams of creating something the world had never seen before. Since starting my own creative journey, I realized how mutable jewelry is, and wanted to create pieces And a vision of a style that women and men can embrace and feel, as if it represents the boldness and excellence in their souls

As if plucking jewelry from an enchanted garden, the collection includes necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and body jewelry, which showcase the essential and magical properties of crystal. This collection is summarized in creativity by presenting large pieces in terms of size, cut and color, highly expressive, and widely versatile, inviting the world to benefit from its creations with a sense of luxury and fun.