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Zahrat Al Khaleej - What message did Nidaa Sharara send to her fans?

Zahrat Al Khaleej – What message did Nidaa Sharara send to her fans?

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The star of “The Voice”, the Jordanian artist, Nidaa Sharara, sent a message to her fans, through social media, in which she criticized the audience’s follow-up of some celebrities who do not provide content that suits people’s thoughts, feelings, and feelings.
In her message, Nidaa said: “Social media has become a part of our lives. Therefore, I want to tell the audience that following some (empty) celebrities who do not have high-end and useful content, wastes time, effort and interest in developing yourselves.

And Nidaa continued that she was not against “blessing” some celebrities from their pages, and added: “Unfortunately, people are evaluating the importance of celebrities based on the number of their followers, without looking for the importance of these people, and what they can offer to their homelands and generations.” And Nidaa Sharara confirmed: “There are many real talents who are sitting in their homes, just because they are unable to (keep up with) social media and its requirements. Please support the real talents… Support those who do not make you feel inferior or jealous.”
Nidaa warned that people’s support for some celebrities, makes them arrogant, asking the audience to think in a positive way, and support the owners of meaningful content, which seeks to spread love, peace and a sense of responsibility, and support successful stories, and concluded by saying: “Support the one who gives you hope tomorrow by motivating you .. the one who makes you think… In a positive way… the one who gives you ideas for your work, because you push a button (following) to someone whose method is wrong and its content is empty… you make him think about the right way.

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On the other hand, Nidaa Sharara will perform, this Friday evening, a public concert as part of the activities of the second day of the “Amman Summer Festival”, before heading to Egypt to perform two concerts: the first at the Zamalek Theater in Cairo on Friday evening, August 26, and the second at the Alexandria Opera House in the evening On Sunday 28 August.
Last week, Nidaa held a concert within the Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts, in the city of Irbid, on the occasion of the city’s selection as the “Capital of Arab Culture 2022.” Before that, she was a guest at the Arab Jazz Festival in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Nidaa is preparing to participate in the Amman Summer Festival, in addition to announcing the holding of two concerts in Egypt: one at the Zamalek Club Theater on August 26, and the other at the Alexandria Opera House on the 28th of the same month.
The “Voice” star recently presented a lyrical “Medley” titled “Ya Tayr Al Tayer and Jafra”, as part of her new project “Sing for Palestine”, in which she re-presents Palestinian folklore songs with a modern musical arrangement, with Jordanian distributor Khaled Mustafa, and the work was filmed in Turkey.

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