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Zahrat Al Khaleej - Will Amr Diab present a second part of the song "Daqq Al Bab"?

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Will Amr Diab present a second part of the song “Daqq Al Bab”?

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The name of the Egyptian star Amr Diab has taken a lot of public interest over the past hours, and his song “Knocks on the Door”, which he released 17 years ago, received a great interaction among followers on social networking sites, after the lyric poet Bahaa El-Din Mohamed, the song’s writer, revealed Its second part.

Bahaa El-Din Mohamed shared a post on his Facebook account, in which he said that he had finished writing a second part of the song “Knocks on the Door”, and it will be titled “I opened the door”, which caused the audience to interact with him amid questions about whether Amr Diab presented the song or not.

Although Bahaa El-Din Muhammad’s post received wide interaction, he did not specify which singer will sing that song, leaving the audience in a state of suspense, as some began to disbelieve what he was saying, noting that it was just a “joke”.
The poet Bahaa Al-Din Muhammad wrote, “I finished writing the second part of the song #Knocks on the Door, and its name is #Open the Door #Baha Al-Din Muhammad.”

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And the audience did not stop at only questions, but some jokingly deepened, and “comics” and satirical comic comments began to appear about that song, where the poet Khaled Taj El-Din wrote a comment in which he said: “Oh, you see the plateau will find you, who or what, after he opened the door?” And she wrote a follow-up saying: “We were calm, our teacher, and she came out or not.”
It is noteworthy that – if this song comes to light – the difference between it and the 17-year-old song “Daqq Al-Bab”, which was released on the album “Leila Nahari”, was released in 2004, and garnered positive reactions.

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