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Zahrat Al Khaleej - Zeina Makki documents the last moments of filming "Al-Hiba"

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Zeina Makki documents the last moments of filming “Al-Hiba”

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The Lebanese actress, Zina Makki, documented her celebration, accompanied by her colleagues from the film crew, “Al-Hiba”, with the completion of filming the film, which began about two months ago in the Turkish city of Istanbul, directed by director Samer Barkawi.
Makki was keen, during the photo and video clips that she shared via the “Story” feature on her “Instagram” account, to show all the details related to their last filming day, from its beginning until the moment of the celebration, where she initially published a picture of her from inside the caravan that was dedicated to her during During the filming of the movie, she commented that all things in our lives have a beginning and an end, but the beautiful moments pass quickly.

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After that, she returned and shared a picture of her, in which she confirmed that she was going to shoot, and that it would last for a long time as it was the last day. After hours, she shared a video clip of the city of Istanbul at approximately six and a quarter in the morning, during which she made it clear that filming ended at the early hours of dawn, and attached it to the song “Majbour.” The artist Nassif Zeytoun, related to the work in its five parts, commented by saying: “Good night.”

The Lebanese artist concluded her documentation of the events of that day with the celebrations they lived, as she published a picture of the work team, noting that her memories with them will remain firmly in her mind, and she thanked them for those moments, and also shared videos of them living in some fun atmosphere.
The film team was keen to hold a special celebration on the occasion of the end of filming, in the presence of the star of the work, the Syrian actor Tim Hassan, where the candy bar bearing the name of the movie “Al-Hiba”, produced by the “Al-Sabah Brothers” company, was cut by its owner, Sadiq Al-Sabah.
In the same context, the action star Tim Hassan had announced a few days ago that he had finished filming his scenes in the movie, by publishing a picture of him that he had collected with the director of the work, through his account on “Instagram”, and commented on it that the film would soon be in cinemas, as he expected To be launched by “Al-Sabah Brothers” company in conjunction with Eid Al-Adha.
He had also published another picture of him behind the scenes, in which he and actress Zina Makki, who is co-starring with him, appear in the film, and commented on it by saying: “The movie (Al-Hiba) will soon be in the halls… The photo is by friend Essam Bou Khaled.”

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