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Zakharova: “Okos” partnership created a deep rift in “NATO”


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirmed that the announcement of Australia, Britain and the United States of the “Ocos” bloc, raised controversy in “NATO” in terms of concepts.

In a statement to Rossiya-1 channel, she said: “What is this consensus and solidarity? After all, through this act, they created a deep rift within the NATO family, not only a disagreement of concepts, but also a technological contradiction… We know what kind of nuclear submarines will guard The Australian continent, but against whom, why, with what fuel, and how will all this relate to the core documents of the International Atomic Energy Agency?

“France has been disposed of with all its calculated technological and economic projects,” she added.

Zakharova noted that “the ideology of the Western world is to create blocs that are in constant confrontation with someone.”

And she continued, “Our country’s ideology is to deal on the basis of equality in order to face threats… see what the difference is… to be friends against someone or to be friends together to overcome common problems.”

On the 15th of last September, Australia, Britain and the United States announced a new security partnership “Ocos”.

Under this partnership, Australia plans to build at least 8 nuclear submarines using US technology, and re-equip its armed forces with US cruise missiles.

Canberra terminated the largest defense contract in its history with Paris to supply submarines worth more than 50 billion euros, declaring that this “no longer serves Australia’s national interests”.

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For its part, France accused the Australian authorities of “deliberate deception and criticized the actions of the Washington administration.”

Source: “TASS”