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Zakharova to the Terrace: It is your turn to convince Russia that Britain is not planning to attack it

Sputnik Alexey Mayshev

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova considered that Britain, which spoke of a “probable Russian invasion” of Ukraine, should now convince Moscow that London does not plan to attack Russia.

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During a press conference on Wednesday, Zakharova again commented on Elizabeth Truss’ statements, which said that a “Russian invasion” of Ukraine was “very likely”, despite the beginning of the return of Russian forces to their positions from the Ukrainian border.

Zakharova stated that Russia has repeatedly said that it has not assaulted anyone and has no plans to launch aggression against a country, but there are countries “with whom it is not entirely clear” and Moscow is waiting for clarifications from them.

And she added, “It is Britain’s turn to prove that it does not plan to attack anyone,” noting that a British destroyer violated Russian waters in the Black Sea in June 2021.

She added sarcastically that this incident left Russia with the impression that Britain was preparing to attack it, and that the British ship’s penetration into Russian waters was only a “training” for that.

“Convince us that you have no such plans, Mrs. Terrace!” she said.

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Russia on the incident of the British destroyer: the Black Sea turns into an arena for military confrontation

Statements about Russia’s preparation of “provocations” against Ukraine in preparation for its “invasion” are still issued by Western countries, although Russian maneuvers are nearing completion.

Source: RT