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Zamalek and Al-Ahly .. Jarir and Al-Farazdaq in the singing competitions between “The President Ezzat and his son”

The Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan talked about unique singing competitions with an “Egyptian flavor” that usually take place between two singers in Upper Egypt, referring to a famous duo in this field.

The newspaper pointed out that competitions of this kind, some of which it said turned into a “poetic carnival”, were widely spread on social media, especially for singers from Upper Egypt who were accustomed to “singing songs in the manner of improvisation, to express this competition at weddings. “.

It was reported that Al Rayes Ezzat, who is “one of the most famous singers Al-Hilaliya’s biography in Upper Egypt, appeared in these videos, accompanied by his son, the Saidi folk art singer, Mohamed Ezzat. Father Zamalek does not abandon the mention of his lover Mahmoud Abdel Razek (Shikabala) in a mawwal that praises him with the beginning of this fencing in weddings, during the last period: (I am An artist from Sohag and Al-Balina Metnasshi, Bani Shikabala.. If he is spicy, come, he will win me.. if he is spicy).”

Al-Watan quoted Al-Rais Ezzat as saying that he “sings the crescent biography, for many decades, as well as loves the Zamalek club since his childhood, and he used to engage in these poetic duels of the two football poles in Egypt between him and his son Muhammad, the popular singer, who encourages Al-Ahly in the recent period. Pointing out that the duel between them is with poems and emojis, which carry a melody and rhythm close to the crescent biography and traditional singing in Upper Egypt, and they also used to improvise and deliver these words, which people interact with on occasions without preparing for them in advance.

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The son, Muhammad Ezzat, said on this occasion: “My father, the president, Ezzat Zamalkawi, and I am Ahlawy, so that we always frown,” noting that the competition with his father moved from their home, to weddings, and that they were surprised by the spread of the videos that collected them and circulated widely by the public.

And the popular singer, Muhammad Ezzat, explained that he “began to fight his father with money that expresses his love for Al-Ahly Club after winning the African Championship in the final that brought the two teams together last year with his famous money: (I am one of my people and my family… from Upper Egypt to Zamalek… I stay happy, my family… when Land on Zamalek).

The newspaper quoted the singers as “preparing to watch the summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, which will be held at eight o’clock this evening, in their village in Al-Balina Center in Sohag, where the son expected Al-Ahly’s victory with two goals to nothing, while the father expected Al-Abyad to win with a goal that will be scored by Moroccan player Ashraf bin Sharqi.” .

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