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الزمالك: لدينا علم بمكافأت عباس.. وسيكون لنا القرار الأول بشأن عودة نبيه

Zamalek: We are aware of Abbas’s rewards.. and we will have the first decision on the matter

11:41 PM

Sunday 19 September 2021

Books – Ibrahim Ali

Mohamed El-Etreby, vice president of Zamalek, confirmed that the committee that runs the white club will have the first decision regarding the return of Osama Nabih to the technical staff of the team, noting that the committee was aware of the rewards paid by Mamdouh Abbas, the former club president.

Al-Etrebi said in statements to the “Awda Al-Labs” program on “Al-Nahar” channel: “We have paid the first installment of the penalty imposed on Hossam Ashraf and we will pay the second payment next October, but the problem is that FIFA has suspended us in the registration for two periods, and we are working to remove the restriction to add players. with whom we have recently contracted.

He added: “There was no surprise that the players of Zamalek received a reward from Mamdouh Abbas, because I knew from Hussein Labib that there was an agreement on that matter, and this has no problem because Mamdouh Abbas is a fan of the Zamalek club and I knew that Hussein Labib was working on obtaining rewards from some players. Zamalek club fans.

Al-Etrebi continued: “I have no knowledge about the return of Osama Nabih to the technical staff again, and he is a son of the Zamalek club, and there is a mistake from him, even if a problem occurred and it was not correct to write about this matter because a large part of what he wrote was not true and the details should not be circulated. “.

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He continued: “I learned from Hussein Labib that he asked for a special reward, and I have no background on his return, but the committee must meet and study this matter, and we will have the first decision, and Patrice Carteron will have the second decision.”

And he continued: “What I know is that the technical and administrative staff took their full dues until August, and the players got 80% of their dues. Not to pay Achempong’s penalty and leave it to the next council, but we want to end all crises and we have already succeeded in that.”

And the vice president of Zamalek added: “We paid the loan that we took and the next council, when it comes, the club will not have any debts regarding this loan, and we were able to rent the shops at the club’s wall, and we have 7 players that we must work on renewing their contracts, because they can sign in any other club in next January.”

El-Etreby concluded: “We want that when the next elected council comes from the General Assembly, we have solved many problems and paid the players’ dues.”