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Zdenek Zbogel mentions the “hypocrites” with an ugly history: will the English ask us to kneel? After all, they defended Hitler

Political scientist Zdenek Zbogel commented on the kneeling of football players. “There are a lot of citizens who think this is great hypocrisy,” he said frankly. He then pointed out that colonial powers, such as the Dutch and the British, were rioting in different parts of the world, far from the United States today, so kneeling to kill African-American George Floyd opened Pandora’s Box. “The English position, and that of some other Europeans, is really brutal,” Zbogel said.

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explained: Zdeněk Zbořil

Euro football is in full swing and, in addition to sports, it deals with the rights of sexual minorities or athletes kneeling in support of the Black Lives Matter or Black Lives Matter movement.

“There are many citizens who think that this is a great hypocrisy. After all, neither in Hungary nor in the Czech Kingdom there are any slave traders, except for the very beginnings of the history of these countries. But slavery and servitude were, as a profitable trade, a product of European colonization, and were part of the development The immense and immense wealth of the Dutch East India Company in Southeast Asia.”

Part of this colonial tradition was the weakening of China, where Western powers had long played the leading role – Great Britain and France, causing chaos in this country when they began the Opium Wars. Citizens of the United Kingdom have been involved in the slave trade in different parts of the world for centuries.

Regarding kneeling, Zbogel recalled that in 1936, English footballers also paid Adolf Hitler a Nazi salute.

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“We must not forget that the English national team at the 1936 Olympics also appealed to Adolf Hitler in his honor when he joined, and they had no idea that they would be one of the victims of racially motivated expansion to Western and Eastern Europe. The position of the English and that of some Europeans,” said Zebuel The others are really brutal.”

He then reiterated that colonial powers had severely suppressed potential local uprisings in both Africa and Asia, and that British rifles had been fired at Indians in the early twentieth century.

He collapsed, therefore, in fear that kneeling in the name of murdered African American George Floyd had opened Pandora’s Box.

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