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Zelensky visits the city of Izium after recapturing it from the Russians

Zelensky visits the city of Izium after recapturing it from the Russians

and share Zelensky In celebration of raising Ukrainian flagHe also thanked the soldiers for what he described as the “liberation” of Ukrainian lands, the 25th Mobile Brigade announced on Facebook.

“Our blue and yellow flag is already flying overhead,” Zelensky said in a message posted on his account on the “Telegram” application. isium…we are only advancing in one direction, forward, toward victory.”

Ukraine announced that it had recovered several thousand square kilometers in the east and south from the Russians who had taken control of it after the operations that began on February 24.

For its part, the Russian army announced, on Wednesday, that it bombed the Ukrainian forces in areas in Kharkiv, from which they retreated in the face of the counter-attack launched by Ukraine.

“Intensive strikes were carried out in areas of the towns of Dvorichna, Balaklya and Kobyansk, targeting vital forces and equipment of the 14th and 93rd mechanized brigades of the Ukrainian armed forces,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in its daily statement.

After a lightning attack within two weeks, Ukraine regained almost the entire Kharkiv region, bordering Russia, especially the cities of Balaklya, Kubyansk and Izyum.

The latter two cities are major logistical centers for Russian forces that have since retreated, according to Moscow, to Donetsk Province, one of the two breakaway regions of Donbass.

In parallel, Ukraine is leading a counterattack in the south of the country in the occupied Kherson region, where it announces progress, but less than in the northeast of the country.

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In recent weeks, the Ukrainian military has bombed strategic bridges there to disrupt the supply of Russian forces, and Monday said it had already recovered 500 square kilometers.