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Zick gasoline chopper, California. More neglect production

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill Saturday ordering state authorities to ban the sale of new equipment with small engines, a broad category that includes generators, power plants and high-pressure equipment.

The California Air Protection Agency has begun work on a regulation that can do so, and this lengthy process could be completed within five years. The law, which Newsom signed on Saturday, directs the agency to implement the new rule no later than January 1, 2024, or once the regulator determines that such legislation can go into effect.

By signing the bill, Governor Newsom has not only moved to zero emissions, but also clean air and lung health for Californians, said Will Barrett, director of clean air advocacy for the American Lung Association in California.

After all, its author is Democratic Representative Mark Berman, and it is part of the strategy to dream in the most populous United States. California is the only state with the authority to regulate air quality in this way, which is part of the exception established by federal law in the 1970s. Other states may not adopt their own regulations, but they may choose to follow California Treasure.

How do you choose the first helicopter? Bad in garden details

Last year, California regulators approved a first-of-its-kind rule that requires automakers to sell more electrical work and truck cars. Last year, Newsom also encouraged regulators to ban the sale of all new gasoline cars and trucks in California by 2035, a term that has since been used by some of the world’s largest automakers.

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There are more than 16.7 million of these small engines in California, which is about 3 million more than the number of passenger cars on the roads. California was the first country in the world to adopt emissions standards for these small engines in 1990. Since then, passenger car emissions have improved significantly compared to engine names.

He’s now reported that turning on a gas blower for an hour will unleash the same amount of noise as the 2017 Toyota Camry’s flight from Los Angeles to Denver, a distance of about 1,770 miles.

The law, signed by Newsom, directs the governing body to offer people discounts on exchanging their equipment, a move aimed at companies that do business with the real country that uses these machines more often. Sittek’s budget, approved upon arrest this year, includes $30 million for this force’s fortress.

Emission-free technology has risen in popularity

Although we did not find destroyed gasoline mowers and similar gardening work above us, local vendors stress that the environmental variables of these machines have been increasing in recent years and that the companies themselves want to go green.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness, but thus the elimination of excess noise, are key features of Husqvarna’s many years of global development in zero-emission horticulture and forestry technology. The ambition, as a world leader, is a group of users of this technological unit that will protect and improve the environment in which they live, and in terms of their own parks, municipal parks, cities and public green spaces in general. Company business manager. Husqvarna Marek Neresh.

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This confirms that interest in battery products has risen sharply. Overall, we recorded first mezzanine sales of battery products at R at 48%. It can be seen that customers have found their way to these products and are still moving towards zero-emission technology. In our portfolio, this division is dominated by Automower robotic lawn mowers, which are distinguished by speed.

A similar development of consumer education has been confirmed by Mountfield. As far as unused Benz garden machinery is concerned, we can confirm from sales statistics that interest in garden equipment at AKU will come out on top. Sales are growing 40 and 60 percent each year, Katina Bomoff, a Mountfield spokeswoman, told

According to them, the fact that their use is simply simple is also common in non-gasoline devices. You don’t have to have gasoline. Don’t pull the cable behind you, as all AKUs run on one battery. In addition, one battery can be restricted to all devices per day. AKU machines are reliable and at the same time have very low operating costs. This significantly extended the working time per battery charge, and Bhmov shut down.