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Zigras defeated the United States over the Czech Republic at the Junior World Championships

Zigras defeated the United States over the Czech Republic at the Junior World Championships

Trevor Zigras scored twice and provided three assists. On Tuesday, the United States defeated Chekhov 7: 0 to advance to the quarterfinals of the Junior World Hockey Championship.

Bobby Brink scored twice for the United States, while Spencer Knight saved 22 balls. The Americans advanced to Group 2 2-1 and finished the opening round against Sweden on Thursday evening.

The United States dominated the second half with three goals. Recovering from Brett Ford’s comeback, it was adjusted to 1: 0 at 5:33 when Czech goalkeeper Lucas Bara was beaten. After Zygros Henry centered on the throne, Brink adjusted to 3-0 as he fired from behind the barricade goal area.

The United States added four more goals to third place, including three in the Power Play. Zigras was 6: 6 at 6:03, with Arthur Kaliyev, Cole Gofield and Matthew Bolti finishing the score.

Canada 10, Switzerland 0

Quinton Bayfield scored two goals and four assists, which led to Canada’s victory.

Jacob Pelletier scored two goals (3-0) for Canada, advancing to the quarterfinals. Current champions Connor McMichael, Dylan Cossans, Philip Tomasino, Ryan Suzuki, Cole Berbetti and Guidan Joule also scored.

Canadian goalkeeper Devon Levy scored 15 caps.

Swiss goalkeeper Nova Pattinat stopped 42 shots in his first start.

Canada ends the preliminary round against Finland on Thursday, which looks like a very tough test for the home side.

Switzerland (0-3) scored a goal in three matches in the championship.

Russia 7, Austria 1

Vancouver Canucks’ Vasily Bodkulz scored two goals and a decisive pass to take Russia 2: 1 in the quarterfinals.

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Rodion Amirov, Marat Kuznodinov, Artemi Kanyashev, Igor Afanasiev and Arsani Krytschuk scored for the Russians.

China Peters scored the first Austrian goal of the match, 7:38 in the second half.

Arthur Achchamov saved 17 balls for Russia, while Austrian goalkeeper Jacob Brandner stopped 43 off 50 shots.

On Wednesday, Russia will face a tough test against Sweden (2: 0) in the opening round. Austria (0-3) will play against the Czech Republic on Thursday.