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Zizou's father: The financial value in the Zamalek contract is less than foreign offers

Zizou’s father: The financial value in the Zamalek contract is less than foreign offers

Ahmed Sayed Zizou’s father said: The player’s renewal of the Zamalek club for the next 3 years was in order to return the favor to the White Castle.

Zizou necklace
And he stressed, during a telephone interview on the “Audience of the Third” program, presented by the journalist Ibrahim Fayek on the “On Time Sport 2” channel: “The material value that Zizou will receive with Zamalek is a third of the foreign shows, but we thought of the public’s love because it is worth millions, and not everything is measured in money.” .

Gulf Offers
He pointed out: “Zizou received offers from the Gulf, both from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and we understood that the player is one of the main pillars of the team, and the previous committee refused to neglect the player.”

Fear of Nader Shawky
He pointed out: “Everyone was afraid of Nader Shawky’s offer as he belonged to Al-Ahly Club, and the Emirati offer was just a bridge, and after that there were rumors that Zizou had moved to Al-Ahly, I belong to my son and the player continues with Zamalek.”

Renewing contracts for Zamalek players
Zamalek club officials are seeking, during the next few days, to renew the contract of Moroccan Ashraf bin Sharqi, the team’s wing, whose contract expires at the end of the next season, and to agree on all material matters that satisfy the player in order to continue with the club for the next period and not pay attention to external offers submitted to him.

Mahmoud Abu Jabal, the goalkeeper of Zamalek club, is among the list of players that the club wants to renew their contract during the coming period, so that there is stability in the team’s positions, in addition to the player Mohamed Abdel Shafi, who appeared at a distinguished level throughout the last period.

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Hazem Emam’s rest
In another context, Hazem Emam, the right-back of the first football team in Zamalek, took a break from group training yesterday evening, Friday.

Hazem Imam has undergone rehabilitation training in the club’s gymnasium due to stress, and Zamalek is preparing to face Egypt El-Maqasa next Monday in the twenty-seventh round of the Premier League competition.

Carteron reassures Imam Ashour
French Patrice Carteron, coach of the first football team in Zamalek, was keen to hold a quick session with Imam Ashour, the team’s midfielder, in order to check on the player, on the sidelines of the exercises yesterday evening, Friday.

Ashour suffered a slight bruise in the back during his participation in the exercises, as the medical staff checked on him, before the player confirmed his ability to continue the exercises.

And Carteron was reassured about Ashour’s ability to participate in the exercises before agreeing to continue training.

The participation of Zamalek duo 99 and 2003
The training of the first football team in Zamalek club, on Friday evening, at the club’s stadium, witnessed the participation of Mohamed Hamdi, defender of the Zamalek 99 team, and Ahmed Mahmoud, the right back of the Zamalek team 2003.

The decision to escalate Hamdi and Mahmoud to participate in the first team training, based on the desire of French coach Patrice Carteron, coach of Zamalek.

Various technical exercises
The technical staff of the first football team in Zamalek club, led by French Patrice Carteron, focused on technical training with the ball during the training yesterday evening, Friday, at the club’s stadium.

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The team’s players performed various exercises with the ball, in addition to performing some physical exercises under the supervision of Fernando, the load coach.

Players celebrate Balunch and Zizou
The players of the first football team in Zamalek FC celebrated Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wensh” and Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, the team’s players, before the start of group training on Friday evening.

The players of Zamalek organized an honorary corridor for Zizou and Al Wench before the start of training and shook hands with them after the duo renewed the White Castle.

Zamalek is preparing to face Egypt Al-Maqasa next Monday in the twenty-seventh round of the Premier League competition.

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