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Zuqaq Al-Jin wins audience praise: “A dazzling performance by Ayman Zidan and Shukran Murtaja is legendary” – Mada Post

Zuqaq Al-Jin reaps audience praise: “A dazzling performance by Ayman Zidan and Shukran Murtaja is legendary.”

Mada Post – Editorial Team

The series “Alley of the Jinn” is widely praised by the pioneers of social networking sites, who confirmed that it is one of the most important dramas that are shown within the current Ramadan drama season.

Followers described the series “Alley of the Jinn” as a “strong and distinctive work,” noting that it differs from other works of the Levantine environment.

While others praised the elaborate performance of the stars participating in it, some described the performance of the artist “Ayman Zidan” as “dazzling”, and Shukran Murtaja as “legendary”, and considered that the presence of Amal Arafa and Safaa Sultan was distinguished.

The audience praises the series Zkak El Jinn

Among what was stated in the comments: “A series whose start is wonderful, draws attention..and makes us yearn to see it and know what is going on inside it…how not, and its hero is Ayman Zidan, always and forever…and all of his actors are icons of Arab acting and drama…may God have mercy on the artist Shadi Zidan, and more success and brilliance for the Syrian drama that We have always loved and lived in it.”

Others said: “A classy series and strange events,” “A crazy series, all the actors are creative,” “So sweet and provocative at the same time, why is all this so oppressive and harsh?” “The most beautiful series at the top.”

Jinn’s Alley series

Alley of the Jinn: Written by: Muhammad Al-Aas and directed by: Tamer Ishaq, and starring: Ayman Zaidan, Shukran Murtaja, Shadi Zaidan, Amal Arafa, Safaa Sultan, Abdel Moneim Amairi, Hassan Khalil, Hammam Reda and others.

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The events of the series take place in a Damascene neighborhood, in which a group of strange events and crimes take place, which some associate with the jinn who live in the area before discovering the surprising truth. It is expected that a quantum leap will occur in the Levantine environment, as it deals with an interesting police story.

Earlier, the director of “Alley of the Jinn” revealed that the work is distinguished by its story that deals with different and new topics for these series, adding that the work is not documentary, indicating that it mainly deals with family, education and strict family rule that may be beneficial or not, in addition to To the relationship of this family with the rest of the characters in the series.

The makers of the work, with the presentation of the first episode, dedicated the series to the spirit of the late Syrian artist “Shadi Zidan”, who died during filming, and who embodied the character “Nazir / Abu Tayseer”, the son of “Ayman Zidan”, who is the kind and oppressive father. mother.